HyGenie Portable UV Bottle/Teat/Pacifier Sterilizer

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Did you know

"The number of bacteria on dirty bottle teats and pacifiers is far greater than on toys and general household goods."

Portable UV Steriliser for your bottle, teats and pacifiers

Eliminates up to 99% of harmful germs & bacteria

HyGenie Portable UV Sanitizer uses proven UV-C and ozone technology to sanitize bottles, nipples and pacifiers.
Natural and chemical free way to sterilize baby's bottles, nipples and pacifiers even while outdoors.

HyGenie - Fits most bottles: See below if it fits yours.......

Wide Adaptor

Born Free
Dr. Brown - Wide Bottle
Playtex - Original and Premium Drop-in
Nuk Orthodontic
Tommee Tippee
Most Generic Wide Bottles


Standard Adaptor

Playtex Ventaire - Standard
Evenflo Purely Comfort
Evenflo Classic
Most Generic Narrow Bottles


- Eliminates up to 99% of harmful germs on bottles, teats and pacifiers.
- Safe to use, clinically tested, environmentally friendly UV technology
- Easy to use and quick to sanitise- in about 7 minutes
- Portable & Compact - ideal sanitisation for parents and babies on the go (e.g. shopping, visiting, travelling)
- Sanitise most common bottles, teats & pacifiers (e.g. Avent, Dr Brown's, NUK, MAM, etc)
- Operates with only 2 x AAA (1.5V) batteries
- Only available in GREEN 

Why Should I Use HyGenie?

Did you know

"The number of bacteria on dirty bottle teats and pacifiers is far greater than on toys and general household goods."

An infant's immune system is acquired from its mother. 100% at birth quickly deteriorates to 35% in the first three months, this is followed by a slow and gradual increase up to ~55% at 18 months. These early stages of a baby's life, is when they are most susceptible to infection and illness. It is at these times when your precious little ones need the most protection.

Germs commonly found on pacifiers and bottle teats and unwillingly transferred to your baby can cause illness and adverse effects. Nobody likes to see their baby sick! Sterilising your baby’s pacifier and teats is one key way you can add to caring for and protecting your baby.

HyGenie is tested to kill common types of bacteria such as E. Coli, Shigella, Legionella and Fungus.

How Does it Work?

The word's first patented UV/Ozone (O3) lamp has dual mechanism technology. Ultraviolet emitted rays and activated ozone combine to kill germs and bacteria.

The UV rays penetrate and attack their DNA, resulting in their termination.

Ozone, one of the most powerful disinfectants in the world, kills the germs by rupturing the cell wall and attacking the nucleus.

* Product dimension: 74mm x 82 mm
* Product inclusive of 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects.

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