Baby Registry FAQ

Bebe Avenue Baby Registry Reward

Any purchase of S$350 and above from your baby registry list either by yourself or friends and family, you're entitle to S$50 gift voucher for your next purchase. 


Bebe Avenue Baby Registry FAQs

How can I start my registry?

 You can start your registry by registering an account online. You can add to, delete from, or update your registry anytime, day or night, online at our Baby Registry section.

 How many months before our expected arrival date should we register?

 It is a good idea to register five to six months before your expected arrival date, or at least two months before your baby shower. That way, your family and friends will have plenty of time to access your registry.

 Is there a limit to the number of registry items we can have?

 No. The more choices you give people, the happier everyone will be. Be sure to provide plenty of options by registering for items that have a range of prices and include selections for both traditional and non-traditional gift-givers.

 How can I add items to my registry?

 You can add to, delete from, or update your registry at any anytime, day or night, online at our baby registry section.

 Can my friends and family view my registry online?

Yes. You can send your gift registry list to your friends or family by sending email. Your friends and family can also do a search (either by Title, or name of registrant).

How do we tell people where we registered?

Etiquette suggests that registry information appear on shower invitations for the convenience of invited guests. You can also rely on friends and family to circulate the information, post it on a family blog/website, or sign in to your registry and spread the word with a Bebe Avenue Baby Registry e-mail.

Will my registry last forever?

Your registry is active from the moment you register and add items until your event date on your registry.



Bebe Avenue Baby Registry Guide

We’ve put together a thorough list of newborn baby needs and categorized them by topic. This list focuses on the ages of 0-3 months old. 

The most important thing to remember is that while some of this stuff will make your job as a Mom easier, you and the baby could survive
just fine without most of it. Everyone has a different motherhood experience so not everything will be relevant to you. There is no right or 
wrong, you can pick and choose which things will work for you and your family.


Baby Clothes >>

Recommended Buys

Homecoming Outfit
Onesies Long Sleeved (5)
Onesies Short Sleeved (5)
8 Pairs of Pants 
4 One piece outfits
7 Pairs of Socks or Booties
2 Hats
2 Sweaters

Suggested Buys
5 Bibs

Warm Weather:

Extra Short Sleeved Onesies
Sun Hat

Baby Feeding »

Recommended Buys
2 Nursing Bras
Breast Pads
Breast Pump Bottles
Bottle Brush
Breastmilk Storage Bags

Suggested Buys
Nipple Cream
Nipple Pain relief
Milk Band
Hypoallergenic Formula
Nursing Cami
Breast Feeding Pillow
Bottle Warmer
Hands free-pumping Bra
Breastfeeding Cover

Baby Sleeping »

Recommended Buys

Swaddlers (2)


Extra Suggested Buys

White Noise Machine
Sleeping Wedge
Audio Monitor
Video Monitor

Baby Play & Toys »

Recommended Buys
Baby Gym
High Contrast Books
Story Books
Soft Infant Toys

Suggested Buys
Car Seat Toys

Baby Out & About »

Recommended Buys
Diaper Bag
Changing Pad
Wipes Travel Case
Hand Sanitizer
Rear Facing Car Seat

Baby Safety »

Recommended Buys
Hand Soap
First Aid Kit
Nail Clippers
Nasal Aspirator
Infant Panadol
Baby Proofing

Suggested Buys
Night Light
Movement monitor

Baby Care »

Recommended Buys
Pacifiers (3)
Baby Lotion
Burp Cloths (12)
Diapers Disposable (24)
Diapers Cloth (24)
Diaper Cream
Bath Soap 

Suggested Buys
Pacifier Clips (2)
Washcloths (8)
Diaper Pail
Gentle Laundry Detergent

Baby Nursery »

Recommended Buys
Crib Mattress
Changing Table
Changing Pad
Changing Pad Cover (3)
Baby Hangers
Extra Bed in the Nursery
Laundry Hamper

Baby travel - Basics and Extras »

Suggested Buys
Car Seat Cover
Stroller Cover
Car Mirror
Sun Shade